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why fronstin law?
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Why Fronstin Law?

At The Law Offices of Guy Fronstin, our Clients have the benefit of having an experienced former Prosecutor and an experienced former Public Defender who lead a team approach to advocating on their behalf. The experience and insight Guy and Arye gained as Prosecutor and Public Defender prior to entering the private sector gives them the inside and outside advantage when defending cases. This experience allows us to better guide our Clients through challenging times and work passionately and aggressively as a team to achieve the best possible outcome.

Guy's experience as a former Prosecutor gives our Clients an inside advantage because:

  1. Guy analyzes your case from both sides of the courtroom.
  2. Guy knows how a case progresses through the Prosecutor's office from start to finish so he can effectively intervene on your behalf during the process.
  3. Guy knows how the Police and Prosecutors are trained so he always stays a step ahead of them.
  4. Guy knows the Police procedures for investigating crimes and collecting evidence so that when a step is missed, he holds the Police accountable.
  5. Guy knows the type of juror a Prosecutor wants which helps him pick the best jury for you.

Arye's experience as a former Public Defender gives our Clients an outside advantage because:

  1. Arye always had the toughest cases to defend so he learned how to think outside the box in strategizing defenses.
  2. Arye is used to being the underdog in the courtroom.
  3. Arye was always underfunded and understaffed compared to the Prosecutor so he learned to be brilliantly resourceful.
  4. Arye learned to scrap and claw his way to Not Guilty Verdicts because he always started with his back against the wall.
  5. Arye was in trial after trial and therefore has experienced nearly every legal scenario and procedure possible.

The Law Offices of Guy Fronstin uses a "team approach" when defending all Clients. Unlike most criminal defense Firms that only have one person working on your case, the entire staff at the Law Offices of Guy Fronstin work on your case. The team approach offers an invaluable benefit to our Clients by allowing each staff member to contribute their expertise and insight to the defense of every Client. Additionally, as a result of the team approach, Clients know that anytime they contact our Firm, anyone they speak with will be involved in their case and therefore, be able to update them on the status of their case.